New Clinton Pharmacy is a reliable assistant to get qualitative medications affordable to any segment of the population. It was established on the market in 2014 and has more than 45 years of experience and knowledge of how to make any person feel at home and listened to.

Being a local Rochester pharmacy means for our staff to be friendly, professional and strict about the rules of distribution of drugs. Inspired by initiatives, we participate as volunteers in health-spreading programs for patient in precarious situations. There are no fraudulent events, no exorbitant prices, and of course, we do insist that any application of medication should be previously consulted with a doctor. Moreover, beware we do not sell remedies to clients who are not of full legal age.

Our pharmacists visited a great variety of training and seminars dedicated to promoting pharmaceutical care. And every team member has a degree in the medical field. Thus, even when inquiring for advice related to the selection of a remedy, a person will get expert feedback on the instructions, application, and even side effects. We believe that awareness of such details may save people from negative consequences and help them to treat their disorders or ailments much faster and responsible.

On our website, it is possible to find a wide range of drugs and supplements designated for various health issues. However, keep in mind the drugs are divided into OTC and prescription ones. From our side, we guarantee their safety, quality, and FDA approved ingredients.

New Clinton Pharmacy has a specialization of pain, cold and cough, feminine hygiene, oral health, and contraception products. Besides, there are goods for infant care, and shower and bath items. Every year we review the list of products, analyze the clients’ demand, and seek the opportunity to meet any requirements.

What Else? There is home delivery, flu shots and immunization, durable medical equipment, and the most friendly customer support that can be reached by anyone 24/7. Besides, if needed we created advance refund terms, so in case of any dissatisfaction, we are happy to solve any issue related to our activities. Please if you face difficulties browsing our website, or have an extra recommendation, we welcome them at our email.

Want to satisfy your craving for professional health care or want to get rid of long-time disorder, find the approved and reliable medications that may help you to enhance the well-being and boost self-esteem. New Clinton Pharmacy will do its best to make the ordering and receiving process as comfortable as laying on the sofa.